Allegations over child safeguarding issue and finances

On Saturday last (January 6th) Scouting Ireland once more made the national papers.

Based on a document which they had obtained access to, the Irish Times published an article regarding the board of directors of Scouting Ireland Services CLG, the company which oversees and provides governance to the majority of Scout Groups on the island of Ireland.

As this article contains matters of considerable importance to all members of Scouting Ireland as well as its key stakeholders, not least being the parents and guardians of youth members, and as the contents pertain to the conduct and behaviours of individuals as well as the collective decisions and actions of the board of Scouting Ireland Services CLG, we have noted the full text of it here rather than quoting from  it.

In an apparent response to this article the board of Scouting Ireland Services CLG issued a communication by email which seems to have been sent to members of all Scout Groups. The full text of that communication can be read here.

Subsequently the Irish Times ran a followon article referring to these matters and also allegations re. vetting issues in relation to a training course during 2023, the full text of that article can be read here.

On January 16th The Currency ran an article on the financial situation in Scouting Ireland, full text here.


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