About this website

This website has been set up to present information and views, to try to clarify aspects of our current situation, to raise questions and to provoke discussion. Group Councils as well as the County and Provincial Support Teams are the correct vehicles to explore issues and to seek solutions within our organisation. If what gets posted here seems relevant to you then please discuss it with other Scouters, and take it up at meetings of your Group, County and Province.

Apart from a slow and painful transition to a new organisational structure we are facing enormous stress within Scouting Ireland just now. Awareness of historic child sex abuse, charities registration, living with Covid-19 all add to the mix.

Over the past two years the approach of the Board to Transition and the approach of the NMC to winding down the Association has done nothing to lessen the stress felt by many Scouters at all levels. Communication in many respects has been poor and consultation almost non-existent. One hopes that informed decision-making, proper planning and realistic evaluation has been of a higher quality.

In the absence of effective channels to resolve issues some have taken to social media to share views and information. This seems inevitable in the circumstances, and it may well serve a useful purpose for those that participate there. Contributors can only go on the information they have and so some of the commentary on those fora is not always as constructive as it could be. Contributions also reflect the stress, confusion and frustration felt by many and so some of it may appear quite negative and hurtful at times.

A recent briefing for Commissioners seems to have gone some way towards filling information gaps and perhaps this may signal the start of a more inclusive approach. A lot will have to change for us to become once again a collaborative organisation making best use of volunteers and paid staff as appropriate at all levels, let’s all play our part.

You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending – C.S.Lewis