Board Updates – October 2018 to October 2020

The following updates were issued by the Board in the period October 2018 through October 2020, they contain updates on many aspects of the ongoing operations of the organisation as well as Transition and the Wind Down of the Association.

Items on Key Reports, Transition, the Wind Down of the Association and Strategic Renewal are highlighted here for your convenience.

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Transition Update #1     August 10th 2020    For full report click Here

This summary of the work accomplished on Transition to the “Company-only” organisation was issued by the Board and their Transition Sub-committee, it includes updates on the Board Sub-committees and Departments, the Provincial Commissioners, and the Disputes Process.


Update #11  July 2020    For full report click Here

Historical Sexual Abuse in Scouting: A Learning Review Report

  • This report published on the 14th May 2020 can be seen Here

Scouting Ireland Response to the Learning Review Report

  • The Board’s response to the report can be read Here

Governance review of Scouting Ireland

  • This Update bulletin referred to report on an independent review on the implementation of the Findings and Recommendations of a previous review of Governance changes at Scouting Ireland, the full report review can be read Here
  • The Board’s response to the report can be read Here
  • The report from the original review of Governance changes report can be read Here


  • Much has been completed and the coming months will see its completion
  • Full details will be provided shortly in a Transition Update to our members

Charities Regulator Authority

  • The Charities Regulator is now in a position to register Scout Groups
  • 30 Scout Groups have begun their application for registration with the CRA
  • The Volunteer Resource Management & Group Support staff are managing this
  • Further updates on this will be issued from the CEO

NMC and its Wind Down

  • The Wind Down is taking longer than originally anticipated, mainly due to legal and insurance matters, primarily related to litigation connected to historic child sexual abuse claims
  • The Board is working with the remaining NMC members and legal advisors to determine the best course of action


  • Strategy 2020-2023 was to have been launched at the AGM in April 2020
  • It has to be revised to take account of the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • This work will be completed shortly, and it will be announced at the AGM in September 2020
  • If the AGM cannot happen due to the restrictions, it will be launched separately around then
  • The strategy will be supported by an operational plan for its implementation with tangible and measurable targets against which progress can be monitored and overseen


Update #10  December 2019    For full report click Here

 Developing a Strategy for Scouting Ireland

  • Strategic Plan 2020 – 2023 will be published in early 2020
  • Material being analysed

CEO Recruitment

  • New CEO begins in January and will take up the role in February

Board Review, Rotation and Co-Opted Update

  • Two directors recruited externally
  • Identified competency gaps within the Board will inform the selection process for the next set of Directors in April 2020

Transition Update

  • Sub Committees (Governance; Compliance, Health & Safety; Transition; Quality of Scouting and Financial Audit & Risk) have been established and are meeting
  • The two other Sub Committees (Nominations & Remuneration and Safeguarding) will be completed in the new year
  • Departments have been set up and Department Managers are in place
  • Departmental Core Teams have been established, are chaired by a volunteer member and are currently meeting
  • Departments are setting up Project Teams, these will be filled via an Open Call
  • Support Teams will be established in each department and will comprise of relevant staff members and, in some departments volunteers with specific support roles


Update #9  October 2019    For full report click Here

Developing a Strategy for Scouting Ireland

  • Strategic Plan 2020 – 2023 to be published in early 2020
  • Consultation: 1,300 responses to online survey
  • External partners currently engaging key stakeholders, the Board, staff

Transition Update

  • Defined new organisation structures: board subcommittees, departments, support structures with clear lines of accountability and reporting
  • 6 Sub-committees identified and the Chair of each in place, subcommittee members have been interviewed and inducted into their role
  • Identifying, recruiting and co-opting up to three new non-executive directors with the skills and experience to fill competency gaps on the Board in conjunction with specialist firm
  • Actively co-opting external members with the skills and experience to fill the competency gaps existing on the committees
  • Recruiting volunteers for core teams with the skills, experience and time to assist
  • Have an action plan for meeting the Community and Voluntary Governance and CRA Code Compliance, aiming to be compliant by December 31st 2019 and December 31st 2020 respectively
  • All previous structures will be replaced with new structures October 2019 – January 2020

Board Strategic Planning weekend


Update #8  August 2019    For full report click Here

Wind Down of Association

  • Taking longer than expected, issues being worked on in partnership with the NMC

Barrister’s Report Update

  • Being processed by NMC. There has been an unavoidable delay, but NMC say that there will be significant progress soon

Transition Overview

  • An open call for the Sub-committees is now complete
  • Induction imminent for the Transition Sub-Committee
  • Interviews complete for Quality of Scouting and Governance & Compliance panels
  • Audit & Risk Sub-committee, candidates shortlisted, interviews taking place shortly
  • A second open call will be required for the Nomination & Remuneration Sub-committee and the Safeguarding Sub-committee

Strategic Plan 2020 – 2023

  • A new three-year strategy will be developed, and it will be published in the new year
  • There will be extensive consultation with our membership between now and Christmas
  • The strategy will be supported by a comprehensive implementation plan with clear actions, measurable targets, and key performance indicators (KPI’s)

Department Core Teams

  • Departmental Managers to be in place by September 14th 2019
  • Core Teams will elect their own Volunteer Chair at their first meeting
  • Departments will advertise for Project Teams in late November 2019
  • It is hoped three co-opted directors will be in place by the October 31st 2019
  • It is our vision that the new SI structures will be fully implemented by the January 31st 2020

Disciplinary Structures

  • Disciplinary Officer augmented with Disciplinary Panel


Update #7  June 2019    For full report click Here

  • Transition Update
    • Regular contact with Transition Implementation Management Group (TIMG)
    • Appointment of Interim Transition lead
    • Establishment of an interim Governance Transition Team pending the establishment of a Transition Sub-Committee
    • Engagement of independent governance expert who has provided training and advice to the Board on key fundamentals
    • Separation of powers with clear delegated roles, responsibilities and authority for the executive function, led by the CEO and clear lines of oversight by the Board
    • Establishment of six sub-committees & seven departments, with an eighth department to be considered in the future
    • Mapping out of the individual stages of the transition process to coincide with the orderly wind-down of the Association
    • Terms of Reference for the various Board Sub-Committees completed
    • Open call for membership of the Board Sub-Committees (internal & external)
    • Work started on Terms of Reference and Charters for the new Departments, Core Teams, Volunteer Chairs of these Core Teams and the Department Managers
  • Wind-Down of the Association
    • The Board and the NMC are working with our solicitors on various issues, including:
      • Engaging with our related entities to ensure that their functioning is not adversely affected
      • Independent Barrister Report
      • Finalisation and audit of Accounts
    • A meeting of National Council will be required to:
      • Approve the transfer of all operations, assets & liabilities to the Company
      • Notify the members of this transfer to the Company
      • Dissolve the Association following audit of accounts & confirmation that no liabilities remain
    • Response to Historic Abuse Cases & Financial Statements
      • Solidarity Fund has been set up to provide victim support services
      • Separate provision for legal cases needs to be made
      • We are investigating our situation with insurance for these cases


Update #6  January 2019    For full report click Here

The independent barrister’s report

  • Has been received and is being considered by the NMC in line with legal advice
  • Members of Board & NMC will meet to agree how to progress the report
  • The Board will update the membership thereafter

Transition update

  • Programme will be youth-led, teams at every level will include young people
  • Strategic approach, policy implementation measures, critical review to be built-in
  • Department start-up
    • Working on HR, Administration, Finance, Safeguarding
    • Next: Adult Support, Development (Scout Provinces, Scout Counties), Communications
    • Then: Youth Programme, Campsites & Facilities.


Update #5  December 21st 2018    For full report click Here

 Ongoing Historic Case Review

  • Updates given to Gardaí, Tusla, DYCA
  • Helpline opened, has revealed more cases
  • Cases all before 2004 (mainly 1960’s-1990’s)
  • Statuary reporting requirements for all know cases
  • Emergency financial measures to be finalised in January 2019
  • We need to set up a fund to support the victims
  • Scout County Rebates for 2019 cancelled


  • Advertising shortly for a Disciplinary Officer
  • Currently recruiting a Safeguarding Manager
  • Seeking additional temporary staff

Independent Barrister Led Investigation

  • Draft expected in December 2018
  • Finalised report expected in January 2019


  • Department and Board sub-committee established
  • Open calls expected in January 2019 for Department Heads

Strategic Renewal

  • Team to commence work in the new year
  • Work to involve the Board, youth representatives, volunteers & staff


Update #4  November 21st 2018    For full report click Here

Investigation & Independent Barrister’s Report

  • Report delayed

Disputes Resolution & Appeals Panel (DRAP)

  • Revised policies approved
  • Open call for Disciplinary Officer

Transition Oversight

  • Terms of Reference being developed
  • Team consists of Chairperson, three Directors, three members of staff

NMC and the board of directors

  • NMC continues to work on the wind-down of the Association
  • Nat Secretary & Nat Treasurer in contact with Board, both bodies enjoy a good working relationship
  • Legal advice re. Motions 4 and 5 (at EGM of October 6th 2018) published
  • Members were clear at the EGM that it is the Company which represents them, a number of steps are required to give legal effect to that

Strategic Renewal

  • Strategic Review to be undertaken
  • Big issues include culture, mindset, rebuilding trust & confidence
  • Independent specialist help being sought
  • Youth members key to success


Update #3  November 2nd 2018    For full report click Here

  Independent Barrister Led Investigation

  • Report expected early November 2018

Transition Department

  • Interim Head appointed, open call being prepared

Wind Down of the Association

  • Six members of NMC remain on for gradual wind down
  • Board working with them on this and have appointed lawyers

Disputes and Disciplinary Policy

  • Work is progressing on revising these policies

Strategic Renewal

  • Team established to start work on a new Strategy
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